Life Can Be Hard. We are here to help.


Sometimes life can be anything but easy. The daily stresses, raising a family, going through a divorce, dealing with pains of the past, blending families, trying to keep the marriage together, handling difficult relationship dynamics, facing stresses of growing up, finding purpose, struggling with direction, overcoming trauma and so much more life throws our way- it takes a toll!  It takes a strong person to realize that sometimes help is needed. In those times, Bridges Counseling of Ohio is privileged to walk alongside our clients.  We want to help clients to build bridges- bridges of support, connection, repair, strength and purposeful living.  

Bridges Counseling of Ohio is a private practice counseling center with offices in Worthington and Marysville, Ohio. As a Christian practice, Bridges Counseling provides services for families, teenagers, and adults that reflect the God-given worth of each individual regardless of where they may be in life.  Being a Christian counselor means that personal faith in Jesus Christ is reflected in the counseling approach and style. There is no prayer in session, unless desired by the client, nor is counseling spiritual or Biblical  in nature. Working with a Christian counselor is for those who value spirituality in their own lives. While the therapists are Christians, we welcome clients of all faiths and backgrounds to our practice. 

Whether we are working with individuals who feel overwhelmed, couples striving to repair communication or work through dishonesty and infidelity, parents and children with strained relationships, or those trying to find their place in the world, we approach each session with a balance of compassion and motivation.   

The therapists at Bridges Counseling want to help our clients to reach their goals and live life to the fullest. Often times, clients struggle to understand why they are unable to reach their goals or feel they're continually struggling through life. Through the counseling relationship we work to understand the why behind the what, challenge and motivate compassionately and work with clients to gain insight and consistency toward their therapeutic goals and life changes. 

If we can be of help in your life, please reach out to us.  We would be honored to be a part of your journey!  


Lesley, Annie, Kala, Bree, & Trisha

The Bridges Counseling Team