Frequently Asked Questions ...and answers

What should I expect in my first appointment?

Prior to your first session, please fill out and bring your new client forms and review the disclosure and consent form. Also, please bring with you any questions or concerns you'd like to discuss. The therapeutic relationship is an extremely important one and it's an honor to walk with you in your journey. We will spend our first session getting to know one another, learning about your goals, and beginning the healing process.


What should I bring to session?

Please bring your new client history form as well as session payment.


Can I afford counseling?

People often wonder if they can afford the care they need. It is a financial commitment to make positive changes in life and the goal at Bridges is to make counseling affordable for those who are dedicated to working through issues and toward their therapeutic goals. 

Session fees are $95 per 55 minute session.  For those clients unable to pay the full session fee a scholarship may be available.  

Regardless of the amount you pay, your session time will be used wisely and spent as an investment into your mental health. Sessions will be scheduled on an as needed basis without a contract for required number of sessions. The goal is to help you achieve your counseling goals

Session fees are due at the time of service. Fees can be paid in cash, check, credit, debit, FSA or HSA card. 


Is Bridges Counseling in my insurance network?

Bridges Counseling of Ohio is not contracted with any carriers. A receipt can be provided to you for your sessions and if you wish you can submit this receipt to your insurance carrier for possible out-of network-benefits.

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), Bridges Counseling IS able to accept payment via one of these accounts.  Receipts will be provided to clients who wish to use one of these types of accounts for reimbursement/payment. It is recommended that clients check with their insurance carrier and/or Human Resources departments prior to sessions to determine how to use their funds for payment/reimbursement. 

We have chosen to remain out of network to ensure that our clients have the most ownership and privacy associated with their counseling.  Read more about our decision HERE


Why would I pick a counseling practice not in my insurance network?

The counseling relationship is the most critical aspect of the counseling journey. Therefore, finding the right counselor for you, regardless of insurance network, to help you achieve your goals is of paramount importance. 

Another consideration when choosing a counselor and deciding to use insurance to help cover cost are the issue of privacy as well as limits of care placed on a client when insurance is involved with their counseling journey. When insurance companies are involved with the payment of sessions, they also are privy to the diagnosis(es) made during counseling sessions. Insurance companies may request you to release this information at a later time or disclose it when changing insurance carriers. Bridges Counseling  is not an insurance carrier and cannot advise on the details of plans, but does recommend clients become fully aware of the privacy rights associated with individuals plans.


Can my out-of-network benefits help pay for my services?

Some insurance plans will reimburse you for counseling services. You are encouraged to call your insurance company to obtain a quote for your eligible out-of-network benefits. At time of service you will be asked to pay your session fee. You can then submit a receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement. The receipt contains the information your insurance company needs to process your claim and reimburse you according to your benefits. If you plan to submit to your insurance, please ask for an insurance receipt at the time of your visit.


What is your privacy policy?

Confidentiality is of utmost importance. Bridges Counseling and our clinicians adhere to the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist Board of professional standards regarding confidentiality. Anything you say will be kept confidential with the following exceptions: 1) if it is determined you are a danger to yourself or others; 2) on the rare occasion that a court subpoena for records is received; 3) child or elder abuse is discovered; and 4) when it is request in writing by you, the client, that Bridges communicate information to someone else.


What should I do in an emergency or crisis?

Bridges Counseling  is not equipped as a crisis intervention office. If a life-threatening or other crisis situation arises, please dial 911 for your local police or call Netcare at (614) 276-2273.