We felt completely supported throughout the process. We’ve referred a few friends too when they needed assistance and all had positive experiences like we did.
— R.L.
Our counselor has helped us so much! She always just meets my son (and his mom!) right where he is and hears him. She connects with him on his level and helps show him things that he is ready to hear. She never stops trying to find ways to connect. He has come so far in the short time we have seen her and we are forever grateful!
— A.A.
I had the best experience working with Bridges Counseling! They helped me and my young children get over a few hurdles that life threw our way. I loved they really knew how to connect with the kids and offer strategies that were useful and doable for all.
— S.M
We had Bridges Counseling speak to our MOPS group about the importance of healthy communication between couples. It was excellent! All of our moms were able to take something away from that to implement at home to help improve their relationships! I would highly recommend their services.
— M.H.
Admitting that our marriage needed help was incredibly difficult and embarrassing. But getting the help we needed was one of the most rewarding experiences. I wish we had gone years ago. Our marriage is better today than it has been in a long time!
— L.S.
My mom made me go to counseling to try it after my freshman year because I needed a place to share and process all I was feeling. I don’t think I could have done high school without it. I graduate this week and have confidence and self worth I definitely didn’t have 3 years ago. I’m so thankful my mom made me go to counseling. It has been a critical component of my success.
— J.S.
Bridges Counseling helped me live a life I didn’t know I wanted to live.
— R.T.
Bridges helped our family heal and connect in ways we hadn’t for much too long. We owe our renewed (and improved) relationships to the team there.
— E.C.